Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Breathing new life into my sails

Right after the my funk/MDD episode/all-time medical school low point, I started OB/GYN. As the rotation went on, I slowly climbed out of the deep hole I had been in earlier in the fall. It was the babies, the procedures, the surgeries, the patients, the Spanish. I felt like every day I was fresher, happier, and more optimistic despite the exhaustion, frustration, and disorganization that characterized this rotation.

OB/GYN fittingly ended on an incredibly high point. This is what I posted on my personal FB wall after my last L&D shift on my last day of the rotation:

It's easy to get down and lose perspective in the day-to-day grind of exams and evaluations during medical school. But then I have a day like Saturday where I delivered a baby girl into this world and unwrapped the cord from around her neck. She breathed her first breaths in my arms and a wave of relief washed over me with each one of her cries. Not only was she seemingly healthy but I hadn't dropped the baby!

As much as third year has been a struggle, moments like these make me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be doing what I love.

Even though I most likely won't go into OB/GYN I will always look back on it fondly.


  1. Pssst! Post an update for once in a while :) we're reading

  2. Haha! Funny you say that. I was just thinking of posting an update after my exam on Friday. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking around!